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Profane Declares Success on Alpha Roadmap Part 1 – Prepares for Part 2

Profane, the in-development classless, level-less sandbox is tucking their Alpha Roadmap Part 1 away this month, as they prepare to unleash their next set of goals in their 2021 Alpha Roadmap Part 2 expected within the next couple months.

INSANE Game Studio has kept up with their 2021 Alpha Roadmap, which portrays features that are under developments, developed but waiting for integration, and features or tools that have been completed. In some cases, features that require more time to develop have been kicked down the road a little bit. For example, July was supposed to mark the development of Death Mechanics, but due to the time it took for the team to complete the Weapon System, they weren’t able to get started on the death system quite yet. The plan, according to the official twitter account, is to get started on Death Mechanics in August, but in addition to integrating Biomes, the Armor System and more, it will definitely be a challenge to fulfill all of these features by month’s end.

Most of the features listed to be completed in August have been deemed “technically complete”. The loading screen functionality, according to the team, will be pushed further as it’s not needed at this stage of development. Features that have been deemed mostly or “technically” complete will hopefully be able to be integrated before the next Roadmap. INSANE Studios is also gearing up for their first community test of the Character Creator, briefly shown in a video back in July. Interested potential players that would like to test the system can hop on the Profane Discord for a chance to get into the focused testing that will take place soon. Want to know more about Profane? Check out an AMA from the development team back in April to get up to speed on what the game is all about.

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