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Cyberpunk 2077’s Next Major Patch, 1.3, Revealed; Adjusts Minimap, More

CD Projekt Red has shed some light on the next major patch for their RPG Cyberpunk 2077, detailing changes being made to the minimap, as well as resetting your perks.

The upcoming patch, known as Patch 1.3, brings changes to the minimap, zooming out a bit allowing for more detail on the minimap to be seen. This should help when driving around Night City specifically.  The patch also tweaks some of the conversation options at the outset of an early story quest which sends players to the Clouds club.

Before players were given two options between two of the sex workers for the quest: Angel and Skye. However, their pictures weren’t available for players to see clearly who they were choosing. Now the patch will show the image of both options to help better inform players before they continue.

Additionally, players will be able to experiment a bit more with perks in-game as Patch 1.3 will make changing them a bit cheaper. This new lower cost to respec characters would need you get an item from an in-game vendor to reset your perks, setting you back to the tune of 100K eurobucks. Now you’ll be able to respec right from the character menu for just over 13K eurobucks. 

The notes were detailed on the website, though it’s told in-universe, so be prepared to parse through that to get to the meat of the info.

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