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Elyon Closed Beta Test 2 Pre-Load Is Now Available

Elyon, the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, is gearing up for its second closed beta tesst this week, and those who have access are able to pre-load starting today.

The second closed beta, which begins on August 18th, sets the stage for the release which is happening in September. Players will have the chance to go hands on with the MMO’s Slayer class, as well as test out the in-game Ruby shop ahead of the release. 

Elyon’s closed beta build will not be the launch build, and the team at Kakao state that their intention is to launch the Western version with a build a few months behind the current Korean build. However, players will be able to take part in some new PvP features in the beta test, including a 3v3 arena mode akin to a gladiatorial battle. 

For those who are signed up for the beta, you’ll need to log into the official website to gain access to the build. If you’re on Steam, according to the developers you should see the MMO in your library to pre-load ahead of August 18th. 

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