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Starbase Patch Adds and Improves Economy, Crafting, More

Starbase has received an update, dubbed EA Build 550, bringing several improvements and additions to crafting, audio, research, and more.

Starbase entered Early Access late last month, bringing the voxel and vortex-based space MMO onto Steam. Starbase was announced back in 2019 alongside a reveal trailer. Two years later, the team announced their intent to push it to Early Access.

The latest patch brings several improvements and additions to audio, crafting, research, Easy Build Mode, the economy, effects, gameplay, inventory, jobs, settings, ships, ship designer, stations, tools, tripod, tutorial, and UI.

In addition to these improvements and tweaks, several major updates were also announced as part of this patch. These include:

  • Tripod and Tripod Autocannon add 20 tons of weight to the ship they are attached to
  • In total complete tripod weights 40 tons
  • Very small ships have a risk of suffering catastrophic structural damage, if too many Tripods are added to them
  • This is ship specific and results may vary based on structural integrity of the ship
  • Inventory crafting with ore crates
  • Free weld Easy Build Mode at stations (single parts can be attached to stations). Use C to toggle between modes
  • New rotate logic in Easy Build Mode: Shift+Mousewheel rotates the piece in hand around its horizontal axis. This replaces the old X/Y/Z rotate logic
  • New single icon crafting menus

You can check out the full patch notes here.

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