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Black Desert Mobile Receives Lahn Class

Black Desert Mobile has received the Lahn class. Here are the details.

The arrival of Lahn comes after players could create Lahn last week. They could also create Crimson Lily, her alternative class. Lahn has been available in Black Desert Online for several years now. She received succession on PC in February of last year.

If you’re new to Lahn, however, here are some additional details. There are two options you can select when booting up Black Desert Online. These include Lahn’s original Ascension class or her aforementioned Crimson Lily Awakening class.

Pearl Abyss makes mention of several rewards to celebrate the release of Lahn onto Black Desert Mobile. For Lahn, these rewards include:

  • Main Weapon: Crescent Pendulum (a sharp-bladed pendulum dangling from a long rope)
  • Sub Weapon: Noble Sword
  • Skill: Glide (allows the character to glide atop the clouds before striking)

For the Crimson Lily alternate class, these rewards include:

  • Main Weapon: Crimson Glaives
  • Sub Weapon: Chain
  • Skill: Vicious Requiem (Cleave through all who oppose you for immense damage)

You can learn more about Lahn’s release onto Black Desert Mobile here. You can check out Lahn’s combat style in her video here. Back in June, Blade Master received a rebalance.

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