Cooler Master MM711 Mouse Review

The Cooler Master MM711 offers a cheaper yet proficient gaming mouse for those looking for a flashy, light, and practical device to fulfill their gaming purposes. The MM711 appears fancy and may seem excessive when compared to most computers. But when it comes to gaming, it is a perfect choice for the starting MMO or MOBA player. While the company heavily emphasizes the small mass, colorful accents, and pro-skater-esque PTFE feet, it maintains the basic appearance of a simple two-button mouse with some simplistic external design elements.


  • Price: $59.99
  • Mouse Grip: Claw, Palm, Fingertip
  • Mouse Material: ABS Plastic
  • Mouse Feet: PTFE
  • Mouse Color: Black, White
  • Surface Treatment: Matte, Glossy
  • Mouse LED: Yes, RGB on Wheel and Logo
  • Mouse Sensor: PixARt PMW3389
  • CPI/DPI: 7 levels (400, 800, 1200 (default), 1600, 3200, 6400, 16000)
  • Mouse Tracking speed: 400 IPS
  • Mouse lift-off distance <-2mm
  • Polling rate: 1000Hz
  • Angle Snapping: N/A
  • Mouse Acceleration: 50g
  • Mouse Processor: 32 bit ARM Cortex M0+
  • On-Board Memory: 512kb
  • Mouse Lifespan: OMRON, 20 million
  • Mouse Buttons: 6
  • Software: Yes, MasterPlus Support
  • Mouse Cable Length: Fixed Ultraweave cable, 1.8m
  • Mouse dimensions: 116.5 x62.4 x38.3 mm /4.587” x 2.457” x 1.508” (LxWxH)
  • Mouse weight: 60 grams
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Product: Mice
  • Series: MM Series

Customization And Comfort

The MM711 is, in many ways, a continuation of the MM710. It has the same chassis, the same internal hardware, and the same Ultraweave cable. The main change is the inclusion of RGB lights into the central part of the chassis.

Two essential features on any excellent mouse relate to comfort and customization, aka how easy it is to use and how easy it is to set up and customize the interface. While my tendencies in mice have often been simplistic, using a more complex gaming device like the MM711 was enlightening. The mouse’s DPI and hardware were quickly noticeable and held up under constant gaming duress. The mouse is designed to be ambidextrous and was pretty consistent in usage between both left and right-handed gamers.

At 60 grams, the MM711 is more than half the weight of your average mouse. The mass is, in part, due to the design’s honeycomb casing, which is intended to allow users to aim and move without concerns about the resistance slowing you down. And the design certainly makes up for that. In playing several FPS games, we found that the click latency was reasonably reliable, without distinct changes in experience after using it for more than a week. The DPI was also quite notable, although it required some adjustment via the Cooler Master Master plus software.

That said, the decision to emphasize lightness and ambidextrousness lead to the device feeling less form-fitting. Some users may find that the mouse is not a custom fit to their hand or that the size and honeycomb design creaks and shifts under the weight of more extensive user’s hands. The device did not show any duress and was quite reliable. The 62 MM width created the impression of small size in this user’s larger-than-average hands, although the device was easily used.

The mouse only has two additional buttons for customization, making using it for more complex gaming alongside the left, right, and scrolling switch buttons, which allows users some essential modifications, such as MMORPG raiding, less viable. But it is perfect for those who need something simple for MOBA or FPS games.

The buttons have a 20 million life cycle, which is significantly lower than those you find in more professional mice, such as the Razer Naga Pro. The cord, which is coated in and protected by Fixed Ultraweave cable; which will minimize wire fraying due to extensive use.

As for design, the MM711 comes in Black and White, alongside the options of a matte or glossy exterior.

RGB Lights And Software

One of the integral features of any excellent mouse is the ability to customize the interface and swaps. The Cooler Master MM711 is no different. Its software for customizing features and colors is known as the Cooler Master MasterPlus+.

MasterPlus+. offers users the ability to remap buttons, change the lighting, adjust features like DPI and angle-snapping, record viable macros and create an assortment of profiles to fit any particular need. The software is fully functional and straightforward for any gaming veteran who realizes the importance of mouse customization. Visually, the design is specific and takes a minimal amount of processing power to run. The software was fast and responsive and immediately recognized the mouse’s presence upon installation.

As for the options available in the software, they are pretty widespread. The device’s internal color spectrum is quite diverse and can match any color code in the system. The customization for additional buttons was also straightforward, allowing me to quickly set up and access the interface. Adjusting the DPI was easy, although it was rare that I ever used anything higher than 3000.

First Impressions

The device felt like any other gaming mouse that I’ve used in the past. The mouse being so light allowed me to use it without having to significantly change my grip or playstyle. Playing things like Apex Legends or League of Legends required a small learning curve to adapt to the sensitivity of the device, but I felt comfortable holding my own. It required very little modification in the Cooler Master.

The mouse would have benefited from a few select ergonomic design decisions, like a palm grip or additional buttons. But for the price range it sold in, the M711 was more than commendable in my experience.

When it came to swapping or adjusting the mouse’s functionality based on game preference, the software kept it simple. Each change required a few small adjustments before we felt the difference. The only recommendation that came to mind would be the addition of in-software tutorial features. I could easily see myself recommending the MM711 to a beginning PC gamer. But I would want to have software tutorials installed in the M711’s MasterPlus+ interface so that they could easily optimize or grasp at why the software was necessary.

Final Thoughts

The Cooler Master MM711 is a solid mouse that is both functional, light, and aesthetically pleasing. While the MM711’s mass made it feel weaker in design, it was no less valuable or practical than its competitors. The mouse feels more complicated than the average user mouse, but has less switches when compared to the pro-level mice.

Our only complaint was that it is not a solid fit for those with larger hands or prefer a more streamlined design in their mice. But suppose you require a reliable gaming mouse for bargain prices. In that case, the MM711’s $59.99 price makes it a reliable option for any starting PC gaming rig.

Disclosure: The product described in this article was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes.

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