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DCUO Brings Double Nth Metal Drop Rates This Week

DC Universe Online’s Bonus Nth Metal Week begins today giving you more chances to acquire Nth metal as drops.

The gist is this. For this next week through August 24, Nth metal drop chances will be doubled when you defeat enemies. Mechanically, whenever an Nth metal opportunity arises, that opportunity (like defeating an enemy) will be triggered to occur twice.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nth metal, it’s used in DC Universe Online to level up your various Artifacts and strengthen them. However, just because Nth metal drop chances have doubled for this week, does not mean any bonus Artifact XP will be given when you’re fortifying said Artifacts.

Additionally, this bonus drop week will not stack with the Nth Metal Detector you can grab at the marketplace. That metal detector also doubles your chances of getting Nth Metal. So basically, you can’t use the detector and expect to get four times the metal.

You can learn all the details here. Elsewhere in DC Universe Online, Episode 41 is due to launch later this month and will add an Allies system, changes to endgame, and more. The team was conducting testing for Episode 41 earlier this month.

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