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Halo Infinite’s next technical preview will test Big Team Battle and 4v4 modes

343 Industries has announced that the next two modes being introduced to Halo Infinite will be series favourite Big Team Battle, and 4v4.

In a recent Halo Infinite development update, 343 Industries announced that the previous Halo Infinite bot preview helped the studio test the servers and bot AI, and that the next test one is going to up the stakes a little bit more.

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As well as Big Team Battle and 4v4, 343 also intends to add Bot Arena and Academy Weapon Drills in the next test, too. The modes have been chosen to allow the developer to glean even more information about the way players act in-game, and help stress test the servers ahead of the game’s launch later this year.

At the time of writing, there’s no set date for the next test, and the studio notes that these tests will be on-going even once the game has launched.

This follows the news that cooperative campaign play and Forge features would be missing from Halo Infinite at release.

According to head of creative Joseph Staten, the development team requires more time to complete some of the game’s features ahead of release, as some aspects of the game aren’t up to the studio’s standards.

Halo Infinite will be released this holiday for PC and Xbox consoles, and 343 says it is close to confirming a set date for launch.

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