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Project X is a New Social Sandbox MMO that Plans to Blend Minecraft with Animal Crossing

Last week Dazzle Rocks LTD requested that more players sign up for their social MMO, Project X (working title) in its Private Beta. The game is still in an early stage but the game is in a playable state and ready for testers!

Project X, not to be confused with another Project X SpatialOS game, is a mobile social MMO, which aims to blend the building aspects of Minecraft with the cutesy, village aspects of Animal Crossing. The team at Dazzle Rocks has funded their project through a 6.8 million dollar Series A round of financing, led by Galaxy Interactive back in 2020. The Helsinki-based development studio has been running a Private Beta of the game since back in May.

The game boasts many different features, which includes building out their homes and gardens, customizing your characters, and sharing your creations with other players in a large persistent world. You can even build elaborate cityscapes and travel on mobile sidewalks. For those interested, more information could be gleaned from a recent Reddit post by developer ReaverXai relating to how the game plans to create a social environment:

The way I see it is, we really are looking to help people connect in a way that’ll feel more like hanging out with your friends in a group chat rather than in the typical clan/guild you might find in a mobile game where you might mostly be working on checklists of tasks with strangers. Being able to spin up an island when you can your friends want to start making a challenge, then being able to share that to a broader island community and have it become a well known spot. Those are the kind of things we want players to be able to do real simple and easily, rather then just building for their own enjoyment without others ever seeing your hard work. and we’re still keeping the doors a bit shut, but I’d say even a majority of the things we’re working on right now goes to the “Social” side of things rather then the sandbox/gameplay side

– William Burden, Reaverxai, Reddit

Project X does not plan to add any combat, staying in the same familiar social space as Animal Crossing, but that doesn’t mean that players won’t have other ways to progress in the game, though these features are still in development at this time. If you’re interested in hopping into the game and experiencing life in the slow, relaxing lane, you can sign up for ongoing private beta on the official site.

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