Crusader Kings 3 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Crusader Kings 3 is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In development with Lab42 in partnership with Paradox Interactive, the game will come with console specific features. For example, the Xbox Series X/S internal SSD will allow you to switch between the game and a playthrough or tutorial you may which to check out on YouTube.

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You can also expect a UI customized to work with the Xbox Wireless Controller, including the addition of radial menus, ensuring that none of the depth and detail of the game has been lost in translation.

PlayStation 5 users will experience the game’s stress mechanics themselves, as their DualSense controllers will physically react to in-game events as they unfold.

A date for the console version was not announced, but it was revealed it will be made available for Xbox Game Pass.

The fact that the game is coming to consoles should come as no surprise considering it was rated by Taiwan’s Digital Game Rating Committee ahead of the reveal.

Crusader Kings 3 was released last September on PC, and by November 2020, it had sold 1 million copies on Steam. And not long after release, players racked up 25 million hours of playtime, bore 40,591,268 children, performed 18,212,157 murder schemes, and gave a pat to 370,305 critters.

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