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EVE Online Is Getting A Much Needed Skill Training Overhaul With Its Skill Plans Feature

Coming in September, identifying which skills are worth training in EVE Online should get easier for all the new players flocking to the MMO. Skill Plans will be introduced next month, featuring curated lists to help new capsuleers identify and focus in on the skills they need to learn in order to start their journey in space.

The new Skill Plans feature is meant to help new players along as EVE thunders into its third decade in operation. These plans will feature curated lists of skills created by players to share and interact with in order to help get players up to speed on the line of gameplay they’re most interested in. Want to fly a Rorqual and lead a mining fleet? A Skill Plan could lead you down the necessary skill path in order to do so. Maybe you want to jump into Abyssal Deadspace using a newly fitted Gila – there might be a Skill Plan for that.

CCP Games equates the new UI surrounding the Skill Plans screen to the fitting window for ships. Players can build a list of skills without needing to buy and inject the skills then and there, allowing players to plan ahead and figure out the skill path they want to take to reach their goals. Skill Plans will feature Milestone Goals, helping players track their progress through the skill path on their way to their end-goal. 

“A Skill Plan can be created with a concrete goal in mind, like flying a battlecruiser with T2 weapons, or maxing out all Planetary Industry skills. It can also be an open-ended journey through your character development. Either way, it can be long and the anticipation for reaching its end might be stretched out in time. Enter Milestones, which will help you track your progress towards the smaller goals within the plan.”

CCP states that the idea behind Skill Plans is to help with  “unrestricted planning of your character development.” As there are hundreds of skills – which can be incredibly daunting even for the most seasoned of players – Skill Plans should help players of all skill levels wade through the sheer volume of skills and get to the ones that matter most to you as a player.

CCP is also creating certified Skill Plans as well in an effort to help new players ease into the world of EVE Online. The recently launched EVE Academy website features career paths and options for new players, and now Skill Plans will help that even further, by providing a plan for players who might want to start down these paths but feel overwhelmed when looking at the skill training window. The training window itself is getting a makeover as well, making it easier to read and stick to your skill path versus the current UI window. 

You can check out the full blog post detailing changes coming to the training queue as well, in the blog post on the official website. 

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