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There Might Be a New Digimon MMO On the Horizon

Is there a new Digimon MMO on the horizon? Well, it appears so.

The game in question is called Digimon Super Rumble and is currently in development by MoveGames. According to the official site, the title has undergone a closed beta test of sorts specifically in South Korea. However, we don’t have word of a release date just yet. Additionally, we’re unsure at this time if Digimon Super Rumble will release worldwide, or if it will remain exclusive to South Korea.

Developer MoveGames has also developed a few other Digimon games like Digimon Battle, an MMO. Unfortunately, Digimon Battle closed up shop back in 2013.  Fortunately, however, there does exist a Digimon MMO out now called Digimon Masters Online. This game saw release five years ago in 2016 and is still very much alive. You can learn more info on Digimon Masters Online here.

A fan forum for Digimon Super Rumble notes it’s being developed in Unreal Engine 4. As the forum post notes,

“It’s described as a game created with Digimon Adventure as the background material that inspired the game, but with original characters and new stories that are exclusive to Super Rumble.”

In fact, if you’re interested in what it looks like, you can check out some footage of the game below. Are you up for a new Digimon MMO?

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