Fake The Mandalorian game looks decent

Earlier this week, a gameplay video of what looks to be a Mandalorian game made it onto YouTube. The video appears to have been shot over the shoulder, with all the footage captured off-screen.

The four-minute video shows a convincing title screen with an options menu, save loading, a continue prompt, and a well-animated Grogu. Though it doesn’t specifically say whether it’s showing “leaked” gameplay from an unannounced Mandalorian game – the video doesn’t have a proper title – it certainly has the appearance of one.

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The YouTube channel behind the video is full of game development tutorials, and is not the sort of burner channel that would usually post leaks.

As if the fact the video has been up for this long wasn’t already a giveaway that this isn’t a real game, Sumo Digital senior designer, Jack Chapman, pointed out on Twitter that the demo is using some default Unreal Engine 4 assets, including its Advanced Locomotion System.

“I know those footstep sounds and body animation far too well,” he added.

Despite how basic the gameplay looks, this does exhibit a lot of good work in character design, environments, and even some of the lore that appears on the loading screen. As braindead as the AI seems to be, the gameplay does replicate Mando’s powers from the show fairly well, including his grappling hook, heat vision etc.

It’s probably not a real game, though, sorry.

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