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Marvel Future Revolution Coupon Codes for Gold, Potential Reports, and more

Marvel Future Revolution coupon codes are the best way to get free things in NetMarble’s newest Marvel game.

Most codes pop up as part of in-game events, though it seems the developer will release them to mark milestones as well, including Future Revolution’s launch. We’ll keep this page updated, so check back often for more.

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Marvel Future Revolution codes

NetMarble’s Marvel MMO has two types of code, though one is still under wraps.

What are Marvel Future Revolution coupon codes

Omega Coupon codes are similar to promo codes in other games. They give you free items, such as gold or Potential Reports, that you’d have to grind for otherwise in the game. The catch is that most Marvel Future Revolution codes expire after a few days. We’ll keep this guide updated with new codes as they’re issued, though with the game being so fresh, it’s not certain just yet how often new codes will appear.

What are Marvel Future Revolution Pegasus coupon codes

Pegasus codes are 16-digit numeric codes, though we don’t actually know what they do yet. NetMarble said these are issued as part of an event, but so far, it seems like they’ve only released Omega Codes. We’ll keep an eye out for Pegasus codes as they appear, however.

How to redeem Marvel Future Revolution codes

You can redeem codes in the game or through a redemption website. In Future Revolution, open the “Settings” menu, then choose “Accounts,” and enter your code.

Alternatively, head to the code redemption website, then enter your membership number, and select your server region. Add the code, and you’re good to go.

All Marvel Future Revolution Coupon codes

These are the active Marvel Future Revolution codes. As mentioned, they’re supposed to expire after a few days, so make sure to use them soon.

Code Reward
DOWNLOADMFR 13 Omega Card Box
AGENTM 50,000 Gold
GAMESPOTMFR 50 Potential Reports
MFRLIVE Costume Box
LAUNCH825 50,000 Gold

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