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New ‘Shipwrecks’ Collectibles Available Now in GTA Online

This week’s GTA Online update introduces Shipwrecks, a set of new Daily Collectibles, washed up ashore for you to find and collect.

Note, these scraps of clothing can be combined to form an outfit from a bygone era. Also this week, the unreleased Übermacht Cypher is now available for a test drive at the LS Car Meet, alongside the new Karin Sultan RS Classic and the Obey Tailgater S.

You can take advantage of triple salaries for Bodyguards and Associates. Annis Euros is this week’s Prize Ride at the LS Car Meet. The Vapid GB200 is this week’s Lucky Wheel top prize. The Karin Sultan RS Classic, now available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

New vehicle discounts this week include 40% off the Bravado Half-Track, Dinka Verus, and Pegassi Tezeract, plus 30% off the Vapid Dominator GTT and Dewbauchee Specter. Additionally, take advantage of 50% off all Bunkers and 40% off Bunker Upgrades and Modifications. Earn double GTA$ and RP on Auto Shop Client Jobs, Lester Contact Missions, and Stunt Races released this year

Players who connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get a GTA$100K bonus for playing any time this week. Prime Gaming discounts include 80% off the Vapid Flash GT and 35% off the Obey Tailgater S.

Learn more about this week’s GTA Online update at Rockstar Newswire.

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