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Marvel Future Revolution tier list and best Future Revolution starting character

Everyone might be a hero, but the current Marvel Future Revolution tier makes it clear some are better than others.

All of NetMarble’s heroes have unique traits that make them fun to play, true. However, a few stand out as the best choices for getting started and carrying you through the rest of the game.

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Marvel Future Revolution tier list | The best Marvel Future Revolution heroes

Captain America

Captain America is your go-to starting hero and one of the best in Marvel Future Revolution so far. He has an easier control rating compared to some of the more complex heroes, but he’s also one of the strongest. Whether you’re playing PvE or PvP, Captain America is well-rounded enough to see you through.

Captain Marvel

If you want a slightly more powerful character, pick Captain Marvel. She’s the strongest DPS fighter so far, capable of both flying and dealing heavy amounts of damage.

It comes with a drawback, though. Flying aside, Captain Marvel has limited mobility, which means it’s easy to get overwhelmed by enemy mobs.

Marvel Future Revolution Tier list | A Tier Future Revolution heroes

Iron Man

Iron Man wants to be another Captain America. He has great mobility and good DPS potential, and he’s easy to control. The problem is his damage output plateaus for a while, and, until much later in the game, other heroes fly past him.


Spider-Man is one of the most versatile Marvel Future Revolution heroes. He’s fast and has both ranged and melee attacks, making him a perfect choice for PvP or PvE — if you know how to use him. Spider-Man is also one of the most difficult to control, and you’ll need to be proficient in his movements to make up for his relatively low DPS potential.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is ideal if you want to stay removed from combat. He excels in AoE ranged attacks, which makes him perfect for dealing with mobs and leveling up fast. That said, he’s mainly intended as a support character and has difficulty with close-range combat.

Marvel Future Revolution Tier list | B Tier Future Revolution heroes

Black Widow

Black Widow is incredibly strong, particularly with her power-boosting special move, but it also takes very little to knock her out of the game. Her defense is distressingly low, which, combined, with a five-star difficulty rating, makes her suited only for those who want a more difficult challenge.

Star Lord

Star Lord’s ranged blasters and elemental skills give him an advantage over some heroes, but he’s mediocre at best. Middling DPS potential keep him from being easily recommended, despite being fun to play as.


Storm should be better than she is. Her AoE magic attacks rival Dr Strange’s for usefulness, and she’s relatively easy to control. However, Storm’s damage output is much lower than other heroes. You’ll likely struggle to clear the room with her, though she is a useful support character.

Marvel Future Revolution characters | Best Future Revolution starter character

As mentioned, Captain America is a solid choice for one of your initial heroes and works for either mode. Heroes with higher mobility and range are best for PvP, so consider Spider-Man as your second hero if that’s your focus.

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