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Genshin Impact Spectral Husk locations and how to farm Spectral Husk

Genshin Impact Spectral Husk is a new Ascension material introduced in the 2.1 update.

It’s from a brand-new enemy, and you’ll need plenty of it if you want to upgrade some of Genshin Impact’s newest characters. It’s rare, though, so plan on hunting Specters rather often.

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Genshin Impact Spectral Husk | What is Spectral Husk

Spectral Husk is a new series of Ascension materials that you’ll only find by defeating Specter enemies. These come in several different Elemental varieties, but like Elemental Hilichurls, they all drop the same things.

Spectral Husk is the first in the series. Level 40+ enemies drop Spectral Heart, and Spectral Nucleus drops from level 60+ enemies.

So far, only two characters use Spectral Husk items: Aloy and Kokomi, though Kokomi won’t be added until the 2.1’s second half.

Genshin Impact Spectral Husk | Where to Find Spectral Husk

Specters only appear on Watatsumi Island and Serai Island for now.

Spectral Husk location | Watatsumi Island

Watatsumi Island has a few Specter groups.

Spectral Husk location | Serai Island

Serai is home to many more Specters, however. Most of them are outside the central core, so you don’t have to worry about Balethunder’s effects as you hunt.

Genshin Impact Spectral Husk | Spectral Husk farm

You’ll need plenty of Specter items to Ascend Aloy and Kokomi, so plan on fighting them quite a bit. Some Specters drop two or more Husks, along with Spectral Hearts, which makes up for their limited numbers.

Since Specters are normal enemies instead of Elite monsters, they’ll reset 12 hours after defeating them. They’re also very easy to defeat, though you’ll want to prioritize using Elemental Reactions to deal heavy damage. Specters don’t attack much, but they have high defense and HP.

That’s it for Genshin Impact Spectral Husk and Specter locations. Make sure to get plenty of Crystal Marrow for Aloy as well. If you’re working on other character Ascensions, such as Ayaka or Baal, you’ll also want a fair few Handguard items.

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