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Celebrate EVE Online’s Caldari Union Day All Week Long

Starting now, you can celebrate Caldari Union Day in EVE Online through September 8.

The actual Caldari State Workers Union Day is this upcoming Saturday, September 4. This day represents the, “strength of the Union and the workers who make up the populace.” This year, you can take part in the celebrations with various daily gifts, new lore monuments, mining blitz sites, and more.

Logging in each day will give you rewards like skins, pilot clothing, and boosters. Omega players can receive up to 25k Skill Points. Additionally, you can take advantage of a warp speed bonus across Caldari space. Moreso, several corporations will be setting off some fireworks including:

  • Nugoeihuvi Corporation – Josameto
  • Lai Dai Corporation – Airkio
  • Sukuuvestaa Corporation – Saisio
  • Kalaakiota Corporation – Sobaseki
  • Wiyrkomi Corporation – Annaro
  • Ishukone Corporation – Malkalen
  • Hyasyoda Corporation – Suroken
  • CBD Corporation – Muvolailen

Additionally, there are two new lore monuments under construction like the Landfall Kutuoto Miru Orbital Center in New Caldari. The other monument includes the Urlen II Provist Riots Memorial.

If you’re planning to take part in the celebrations, head on over to check out the full details here. In case you missed it, World War Bee 2, the recent massive player war in EVE Online, recently concluded. We had the chance to sit down with CCP as they reflected on the learnings from that war.

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