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Destiny 2 Enigmatic Mysteries locations | Where to find all Destiny 2 Enigmatic Mysteries

Destiny 2 Enigmatic Mysteries are this week’s additional Ley Line challenge for the Shattered Realm.

It’s not the same as the Trivial Mysteries, but they do live up to being Enigmatic. Both of them are difficult to spot unless you know where to look.

Before getting started You’ll have to complete this week’s Wayfinder’s Voyage tasks first, though. The True Sight compass upgrade is a vital part of collecting the mysteries.

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Destiny 2 Enigmatic Mysteries | Concealed Cache Enigmatic Mystery

There’s some overlap with this and a Trivial Mystery. Head to the third beacon as if you were going to use the teleporter. Instead of using it, go behind it, and leap down. Keep making your way down until you reach a Barrier Breach. Activate it, and work your way up the steps to a True Sight totem.

Activate that, hop across the platforms, and you’ll enter an area with a permanent slow debuff (for now. Next week’s reset should change that). Re-activate True Sight if it expired, and jump up the platforms to the chest containing the first Enigmatic Mystery.

Destiny 2 Enigmatic Mysteries | Shipyard Secrets

Head back to the first beacon for this one. Leave the building, and go straight ahead until you see the True Sight totem. Continue following the platforms, reactivating True Sight as necessary, until you reach the chest with the Enigmatic Mystery.

There is a third mystery YouTuber December discovered how to reach. There’s a third chest to your left that you can spot while reaching the Shipyard Secrets chest, but you’re technically supposed to wait until next week to get it.

If you’re a Warlock with Dawnbreaker and a sword, though, December found you can jump your way over to it now. Whether it’s worth the trouble is up to you.

If you’re still working your way through this week’s Destiny 2 updates, check out our overview of the new Atlas Skews locations and how to find the Debris of Dreams beacons.

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