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Genshin Impact Storm Beads location and how to find Thunder Manifestation

Genshin Impact Storm Beads are a new drop item in the 2.1 update from the also-new Thunder Manifestation boss.

Getting to the boss requires a bit of work, though. You’ll have to make Seirai Island safe before you can even get close to the Thunder Manifestation.

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Genshin Impact Storm Beads | What are Storm Beads

Storm Beads are a level-up Ascension material both Baal and Sara use. It’s possible future characters could use them as well, such as Yae Miko, though for now, these two are the only ones.

Unlike some Ascension materials, including Spectral Husk, there’s only one form of Storm Beads.

Genshin Impact Storm Beads | Storm Beads location

Thunder Manifestation, the new Electro Oceanid boss, drops Storm Beads after you defeat it in battle. You’ll get what you need so long as Thunder Manifestation is level 30 or higher, since there’s only one form of the item, so feel free to crank the World Level down if you want to blitz the battle quickly.

Genshin Impact Storm Beads | Thunder Manifestation location

Thunder Manifestation takes some work to unlock. Speak with Katheryne once you download the 2.1 update to start the Seirai Stormchasers world quest. It’s a four-part quest that has you repairing cat-owned shrines and completing simple matching puzzles, but the important part is that clearing the quest eliminates the Balethunder dome surrounding Seirai’s central area.

That’s good for collecting Amakumo Fruit, and it also unlocks the Thunder Manifestation fight. Head to the platform in the island’s center to begin.

Genshin Impact Storm Beads | Thunder Manifestation boss

We recommend bringing ranged attackers and at least one Geo character for this fight. Geo shields will help negate the Manifestation’s Electro damage, and you’ll need catalyst or bow users to avoid taking heavy hits up close.

Cryo is essential if you have one, since Superconduct reduces physical resistance, while Pyro’s Overload effect deals high damage.

Thunder Manifestation is a weekly boss, so you can teleport away, then come back and challenge it again as many times as you want.

Harvesting Amakumo Fruit on Genshin Impact’s new island is one way to spend that time. Seirai is also home to Specters, a new monster that drops items essential for Aloy’s Ascension, so there’s plenty to keep you busy until the boss revives.

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