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EG7 Broadcast Set for Sept 9th with Q&A

Enad Global 7 (EG7) will hold a special presentation on September 9th at 8:00AM CEST (which is 11PM Pacific time or 2AM Eastern on the 10th). The event will introduce the new EG7 acting CEO, Ji Ham, the current CEO of Daybreak Games, who will also lead the event’s presentation.

The broadcast is aimed at investors and shareholders, but anyone will be able to tune in at the event time on YouTube here. While there’s no word yet on what kinds of content to expect, or how much of it will be investor focused versus announcements, we can hope, right? EG7 is a group of hundreds of developers, game companies, including dev and publishers like Daybreak, Piranha Games, and Antimatter Games, along with a marketing arm responsible for marketing over 1,500 titles so far. The potential for wide ranging announcements is high, but the Q&A may also shed some more light on what’s to come as well. This comes as news of co-founder and (now) former CEO Robin Flodin has stepped down from EG7, so hopefully this Q&A session can shed some light on what exactly is going on there and the transition to a new CEO as well.

Those interested in submitting questions can send them to [email protected] in advance and (if you’re up late enough), tune in when it goes live to catch any announcements and to see if your questions are answered. 

Daybreak was sold to EG7 at the end of 2020, and given the company’s long history in the MMO space, as Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and after its name change, it’s worth some hope that there could be some new hints at where things may be going. Recent news and speculation seems to point to Daybreak having sold off Cold Iron Studios and exit ties with its recent release Aliens: Fireteam Elite (our review), so it would be a great time to get some insight into just what we can see next from their teams.  You can find out more about EG7, its holdings, and more over at the group’s official site.

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