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Genshin Impact The Catch and where to find Raimei Angelfish, Golden Koi, and Rusty Koi

Genshin Impact The Catch is a new polearm added in the 2.1 update alongside the fishing mechanic.

You’ll have to catch some of Genshin Impact’s more elusive fish if you want it, though, and even more of them for The Catch’s refinement materials. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of time for this. The Catch is a permanent part of the Inazuma Fishing Association.

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Genshin Impact The Catch | Is The Catch worth it?

Yes, The Catch is definitely worth the trouble it takes to acquire. It’s a four-star polearm with strong attack and a secondary stat that boosts Energy recharge. The Catch refinement skill raises Elemental Burst damage and critical hit potential, which makes it a perfect choice for Baal if you can’t get Engulfing Lightning.

Genshin Impact The Catch | Where to find Rusty Koi, Golden Koi, and Raimei Angelfish

You’ll need to exchange several fish at the Inazuma Fishing Association to get The Catch, but most of them are fairly easy to find.

Genshin Impact Rusty Koi location

The easiest way to fish for Rusty Koi is in central Liyue, since several locations are clustered together there.

You can also find them near the teleport point in Stormbearer Mountains where you completed part of the fishing tutorial and near the Statue of the Seven on Seirai Island.

Note that Rusty Koi only appear between 1800 and 0600 in-game time.

Genshin Impact Golden Koi location

Golden Koi spawn in the same areas, but only during the day until 1800.

Genshin Impact Raimei Angelfish location

Raimei Angelfish only appear east of Tatarasuna, in the shipwreck area with purple waters. It’s a tricky area to deal with. We recommend eliminating the enemies first, then sailing further away from the fishing spot so the Waverider doesn’t scare the fish. Then hop over to the spot, and cast your line.

You’ll also need to redeem Raimei Angelfish and the more common Pufferfish for Ako’s Sake Vessel, The Catch’s refinement item.

If you were lucky enough to recruit Baal, Genshin Impact‘s latest character, you’ll want plenty of Amakumo Fruit and Storm Beads to get the most from the Electro Archon. Pick up some Handguards while you’re at it for her Talent Ascension too.

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