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EVGA: New World GPU issue Caused By Production Issue

Amazon’s MMO New World is almost here, and while it has been a bit of a bumpy road, there is one concern that players can now relax about. Back in July, there were reports of some players experiencing major graphics card issues after spending time in the New World closed beta. EVGA examined about two dozen GeForce RTX 3090 cards in its investigation and found the culprit was a production issue.

Cards bricked while loading the game or while in the New World menu. In response, Amazon added frame rate limiters, which are common but were not yet included in the menus of that particular build. These seem to have prevented the problem from recurring, but those affected still had questions. While the company could not replicate the issue using the build under which the issues occurred, it was working on a possible screen for the power profile working at the time. 

According to PCWorld, an EVGA spokesman pointed to a “rare soldering issue” on the cards as responsible for the problem. The cards were looked at closely and it turned out the circuits were not soldered properly, making them susceptible.  EVGA shipped out replacement cards to those affected, and said that the bad batch it uncovered was “less than 1 percent” of the number sold. While no issues were found with the fan systems, the company also released a micro-controller update to help monitoring programs keep an eye on the systems with correct stats.

With New World heading into open beta this week on September 9th, and with the release set for the end of the month, it should give folks some relief knowing that this seems to have been a limited issue caused by human error. Read why we believe New World is off to a good start, even as it still has room for improvement, and why it might just bring a robust social element back to the MMO.

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