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Genshin Impact Amakumo Peak puzzle solution and Amakumo Peak barrier puzzles

Genshin Impact Amakumo Peak puzzle might be an optional achievement, but it’s worth taking the time to solve.

You’ll travel down into Amakumo and solve a new kind of puzzle involving color barriers, and a treasure hoard awaits you at the end.

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Genshin Impact Amakumo Peak puzzle | Amakumo Peak tile puzzle

Before you start this, make sure to finish Seirai Stormchasers so the Balethunder effect dissipates.

Face away from the water at the spot shown, and you’ll see a tablet. Make sure all the tiles are deactivated. Then, step on the ones shown below.

An exquisite chest appears, and the water drains in Amakumo Peak’s lake. Drop down inside. Grab the Electrogranum and use the Thunder Sphere if you want the Electroculus above the lake, then continue down until you reach the water level.

This next mechanism unlocks after you defeat the enemies around it and drains the water further.

Genshin Impact Amakumo Peak puzzle | Amakumo Peak color puzzle

The next step involves activating a series of colored barriers. Interact with the red barrier, then head through and start the yellow one. Head through the now-open doorway, then interact with the red mechanism, and then the yellow one again.

Follow the Seelie, then use the yellow mechanism. Go upstairs and do the same with the red, drop down the hole to your left. Touch the Seelie to make it move on, then use the yellow mechanism again. Climb up the wall where you just dropped down, and you can proceed through the newly opened yellow door.

Follow the Seelie to another set of mechanisms. This one is simpler to deal with, since you’re basically just activating them in order.

Once that’s done, your original Seelie finds its court, and you pick up a new one as the water drains. Follow it down to the cave floor, and you’ll get a common chest plus two luxurious chests and the Amakumo Peak achievement.

There are a few other chests and Seelies you can grab while you’re down here too, and you might as well harvest plenty of Amakumo fruit before leaving the region.

If you’re still working on Genshin Impact world quests in Inazuma, make sure to check out Reminiscence of Seirai. There’s also the new Watatsumi Domain to unlock, Palace in a Pool, along with plenty of fishing to do and Archon quests to finish.

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