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Elder Scrolls Online’s Waking Flame DLC Now Live On Console

The latest round of DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online has made it’s way to console, bringing Waking Flame to all platforms as of today. The DLC is also accompanied by the Update 31 patch, which went live on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, bringing all versions of the game to parity this morning.

In case you’ve missed it, the dungeon DLC for The Elder Scrolls OnlineWaking Flame brings two new dungeons to the Tamrielic MMO: Red Petal Bastion and Dread Cellar. Both dungeons expand upon the story being told in the year-long Gates of Oblivion narrative, and set the stage for the climax in the last DLC in the storyline, Deadlands, which is slated for later on this year.

In addition to the DLC, which is accessible either through an ESO Plus membership or through purchase in the in-game Crown Store, Update 31 has also released for all players on console. The update itself sees graphical improvements come to the MMO, including HDR for both Xbox and PlayStation platforms (though PC is still the odd-one looking out there). PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles also will benefit from the addition of Dynamic Resolution Scaling, or DSR, to help smooth out framerate when running in Performance Mode on the consoles. 

You can check out our coverage of the graphical upgrades here. Additionally, you can read up on the full patch notes on the official Elder Scrolls Online website. Also, in case you missed it, over 667K new characters were created this summer during the World Plays ESO event. 

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