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Jagex Orders RuneLite Shut Down, But Now in Discussion To Work With Developers

RuneLite HD has been a popular plugin for RuneScape, and developed with over 2,000 hours of work by modders. RuneLite HD upgrades the visual look of RuneScape with an HD client that many use and appreciate. In a post on Reddit from September 7th, 117 posted about having received a notice from Jagex to shut it down and stop development. The reasoning for the request was given in the letter as Jagex is developing an in-house HD visual upgrade option and because of that development, requested third-party clients be shut down. Since this notice was sent to the developer and not as a result of an announcement or even with much detail, the response has been a mix of dissatisfaction with the lack of info to some social media nastiness. 

Though once word got out, an update to the blog referred to the request to cease development letter as a matter of transparency, and with noting the understanding that players liked the project. This post then officially confirmed that an in-house client was in the works, but with no estimated release. However, with confirmation that early development on the in-house development of a visual upgrade, “any fan-led project which seeks to change the way Old School RuneScape looks is at odds with our own plans”. Further, the official changes should be the only option going forward, to retain “consistency”.

Jagex does promise to update its guidelines regarding third party visual changes next week, but there will also be a lot more promised clarification and details coming thanks to an update on the situation posted today. There may be some hope to speak of with regards to the work 117 has done, as an official role is in discussion with the RuneLite developers. The OS RuneScape team and 117 both confirmed talks to see if RuneLite could continue life as a bridge in between the game as-is and the new official visual upgrades. 

The team promises even more detailed updates and clarifications on what things will look like, their plans for the official client, reasons behind the decision to work on something in-house. 

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