Best SSD for PS5 2021

Months after the launch of the PS5, Sony has finally confirmed the requirements for PS5 SSDs. This means, once a future software update has been released, you’ll be able to install your own drive into the PS5’s internal expansion slot and vastly increase the amount of space available for PS5 games. Previously, only external drives were supported on the console, so this is a big step forward – and a long-awaited feature for owners with a large collection of PS5 titles.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony isn’t making its own official drives in a unique form factor; instead, standard PC NVMe SSD drives from a wide range of manufacturers will work – as long as the drive is fast enough and physically fits inside the PS5. This should make upgrading your storage cheaper in the long run, and you may even already have a drive in your PC that’s compatible. Unfortunately, the requirements are a little complicated, so we’ve prepared this blog to explain those requirements and recommend the best SSDs that work in your PS5.

Update (3/8): Added more compatible SSDs, including Crucial’s new great value P5 Plus.

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