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Horse MMO Star Stable Online Celebrates 10 Years, Sees 40 Percent Surge In Registrations In 2020

Star Stable Online, the horse-themed MMO from Star Stable Entertainment, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The MMO aimed at empowering girl gamers also notes that the game is still going strong, with 2020 seeing a surge in first-time registrations at the clip of a 40 percent increase.

Star Stable Online is also celebrating this milestone in game, with a four week anniversary party kicking off. Players will be able to earn free gifts, celebrate in Moorland and set off fireworks, as well as grab some party decor from Me’s costume shop.

Star Stable Online‘s goal isn’t simply to empower girls, but rather to give girls a space to tell them world who they are, according to Johan Sjöberg, CEO of Star Stable Entertainment. Via the press release sent this morning:

“Video game experts told us not to create a game for a female audience; they said, ‘girls don’t play video games.’ We did it anyway. And now, 10 years later, we have millions of players in 180 countries playing in 14 languages[.] We are enormously proud to have helped transform the games landscape for girls and have extended that vision — to inspire girls and young women and create pro-social, inclusive environments — across all our entertainment channels.”

Partnering with The Insights Family, Star Stable Entertainment sought to explore “the impact of games on girls and young women,” specifically as it relates to their MMO. The survey showed what the company calls “positive and undeniable benefit that transcends the game,” including the stat that 85% of Star Stable players helped stay connected with their friends, as well as 72% of respondents stating that playing games helped them make friends in real life. 

You can check out the full details for Star Stable Online’s 10 year anniversary party on the official website. 

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