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Deathloop What Wenjies Want | How to assassinate Dr Wenjie Evans

Dr Wenjie Evans is not just one of the Visionaries holding the cycle of Blackreef together in Deathloop, but a pioneer in the experimental field of Infusion.

Wenjie’s Infusion research is the secret to Colt being able to keep hold of items between loops, which will likely lead you to her door very early on in your time with Deathloop.

Defeating her at her lab in The Complex is one of the most fun early set pieces in the game, but there’s a more involved quest waiting for you to maneuver her into the right place for the end-game: What Wenjies Want.

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How to beat Wenjie in The Complex

From the tunnels beneath Blackreef, head pretty much straight forward and you’ll see Wenjie’s sprawling laboratory in The Complex.

Composed of a main tower and a few sub-nodes, the lab contains both the Infusion research you need and Dr Wenjie herself.

Follow the quest marker and you’ll find Wenjie milling around the lab in a white outfit, ripe for the picking.

Defeat her as loudly or quietly as you like and your marker will update.

It turns out that the doctor’s dimensional research has resulted in a bit of a duplication issue.

When you defeat one Wenjie, you will get objective HUD markers for two more, and to complete the assassination, you need to take out all of them.

There is a flashy way to get rid of all the Wenjie clones in the central tower, but it requires some set up.

On the bottom level of the right-hand sub-lab – which is blue – you can find a code on a whiteboard.

This gives you access to a machine on the left-hand sub-lab.

You can then push a button on the wall on your way into the main tower to depressurize the building.

However, this is finicky, and genuinely, I prefer taking out all of the Wenjies the old fashioned way.

Methodically sweep your way around The Complex, defeating the Wenjies in whatever manner you fancy, then you will be able to advance your Infusion quest at the bottom of the central tower.

How do you complete the What Wenjies Want quest in Deathloop?

As you complete more Visionary Leads in Deathloop, your investigations into Charlie and Fia will also yield some dirt on Dr Wenjie.

When uncovering the secret of Fia’s cypher, you will also stumble across the code to Wenjie’s personal quarters in The Complex.

This is an important discovery in your quest to manipulate the Visionaries into the same place for easy disposal, so make your way to The Complex at a time around noon that suits you.

Make your way to the quest marker, which is in the side bunker where you found the code to the lab destabilizing machine earlier.

Open the code lock to her lab, then start rummaging.

There are numerous notes, audio logs, and computer messages to peruse, along with a map of Updaam.

Your search will ultimately result in a lead that Wenjie is very interested in the mysterious HRZN and RAK doors that are scattered around Blackreef – and most notably in Updaam.

You also find that Aleksis invited Wenjie to his evening party, but she refused. If you can get her to that party though, she’ll be an easier – and more efficient – target, freeing up your afternoon.

To make a more convincing invitation, you need to return to Updaam in a subsequent noontime and go to Charlie’s Condition Detachment game to speak to the computer, 2-Bit.

They’re found on the third floor of the game, the rocket cockpit level, which you can easily access by Shifting up the outside of the building.

Hack the shuttered doors to 2-Bit’s room, then speak to them.

To make a recording of Aleksis, 2-Bit needs a recording of the jerky socialite. But to get one, you’ll have to crash his party in Updaam during the evening.

There’s quite a simple and stealthy method to getting the information you need. In front of Dorsey Manor, climb on the billboards above the front entrance, then Shift onto the room.

Bear right and stay on the rooftops, then Shift to the rooftop in front of you.

Look to your left and there’s an open window that leads to Aleksis’ personal bathroom. Shift inside.

You can grab some information that eventually helps you assassinate Aleksis in here if you want, but for the task at hand continue around the corner and take the note from the desk in the corner.

This tells you that a recording of Aleksis is in a safe that’s delivered to The Library in Updaam around noon.

Return on the next loop and Shift through an open window into The Library.

At this time, there’s no one around so open the safe and take the doll inside.

You now have to whisk the loudly bragging doll to 2-Bit at the top of Condition Detachment, avoiding the Eternalists on the way.

If you run into trouble, you can always drop the doll, deal with the threat, then pick it up again.

The best way to do this is Shift up the side of the game building as usual.

Give the wolf doll to 2-Bit, and when they ask what kind of invitation you think is best say: “Give Wenjie what she wants”, alluding to her pursuit of the RAK door under Updaam.

2-Bit will then play the invitation to Wenjie on all subsequent cycles. This means unless you kill her earlier in the day, Wenjie will now appear on a roof terrace at Aleksis’ party in Updaam in the evening as well as her usual location.

For more on how to complete the cycle of Blackreef, here’s our full list of Deathloop guides and Visionary walkthroughs!

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