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Let’s Play Aragami 2 – an arcadey take on ninja assassins

Aragami 2 is an enjoyable third-person action stealth game that reminds me of some of the older retro ninja type games like Tenchu, Ninja Gaiden, and Onimusha.

To its benefit, Aragami 2 does have a more arcadey feel to it than those three. In the let’s play video above you’ll see that the mission objectives are fairly straightforward and the combat is simple, but it gets interesting with all of the shadow abilities you can unlock as you progress. Movement is responsive and it feels easy enough to pick up and play pretty intuitively.

It turns out I’m not much of a ninja and put far too much faith in my own ability to style on my enemies. What did you think of the gameplay? Let us know in the comments. Is this a ninja game you’re looking forward to playing?

Aragami 2 is out on September 17 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It’s also part of Xbox Game Pass. For more games check out our video game release dates page, detailing the games still to come this year and beyond.

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