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Apex Legends’ server issues may not get fixed for a few more days

Respawn has said that various issues regarding player problems with disconnection and server errors in battle royale, Apex Legends, may not get fixed until a patch is pushed to the game on September 22.

If you’re a regular Apex Legends player, you may not be surprised to hear that the hit FPS game is once again suffering with server issues. The latest issues don’t come from hackers irritated by Respawn’s treatment of the Titanfall series, but rather are cropping up thanks to – seemingly – a recent patch that was introduced to the game.

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Develoepr Respawn has itself confirmed the current server issues, with the studio saying it’s noted three times the ususal number of disconnections from the game across all platforms.

“Despite improvements today, we’re still seeing roughly three times the normal rate of disconnect errors in @PlayApex, and a full return to normal may take until our next planned patch on Sept 22,” the developer said in an update via Twitter. “We’ll extend the current ranked split by one week—that update will go live Monday.”

These issues seemingly all began when Respawn rolled out the game’s latest big update that introduced the Evolution event that added new skins and made some fairly drastic changes to the Legend Rampart.

This update was also due to address the overpowered tap-strafing technique (a high-level in-game technique that allows a player to perform fast movement changes without impacting speed and momentum), but the update to remove that was delayed later. Respawn noted at the time:

“Movement is sacred in Apex. We weigh every change to these systems carefully and value feedback. After further testing, we’ve concluded we need to take more time to get this right to make sure related movement mechanics aren’t caught in the cross-fire.”

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