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Valheim Crystal Battleaxe and how to get crystal shards

The Valheim Crystal Battleaxe is a new craftable weapon introduced in the Hearth and Home update.

As the name implies, you’ll need plenty of crystal to craft the new axe, and it’s not the easiest material to harvest. Here’s where to look.

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Valheim Crystal Battleaxe | Where to find crystal shards

Crystal shards only drop from stone golems. You’ll find these in the Mountain biome, but it might take a bit of searching. Stone golems only react when threatened, so you’ll need to investigate suspicious-looking rock piles.

Take a pickaxe along with you. Stone golems have incredibly high defense, and the pickaxe is their only weakness.

You’ll potentially run into two varieties of stone golem: ones with rounded arms and ones with spiky arms. The main difference to keep in mind is how they attack. Rounded golems swing their arms in a half-circle pattern, while the spiky golems have lunge attacks.

Defeating a stone golem should give you several crystal shards, and you’ll need 10 to craft the axe.

Valheim Crystal Battleaxe | Crafting Crystal Battleaxe

You’ll also need 40 Ancient Bark and 30 Silver Ingots to craft the axe, plus a level three Forge. Silver also lives in the Mountain biome, though it’s rare. Equipping a Wishbone makes finding it easier, so do that if you have one.

Ancient Bark comes from trees in the Swamp and should be easy to find.

Here’s what the axe’s stats are:

  • Durability: 200
  • Slash: 90 (26 to 56)
  • Spirit: 30 (10 to 19)
  • Use stamina: 24
  • Block armor: 40
  • Block force: 70
  • Parry bonus: 2x
  • Knockback: 70
  • Backstab: 3x

There’s plenty more to craft in the new Valheim update, including the cartography table. Some recipes require tar in abundance, and we’ve found an easy way to gather tar that means you’ll get more than ever. If you’re just coming back to Valheim after a while, check out our extensive Valheim guide collections to get you up to speed fast.

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