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NBA 2K22 best playbooks and the best plays for any team composition

The best NBA 2K22 playbooks are the key to pulling off your best-laid basketball plans.

There’s no shortage of plays to choose from, but you’ll want to focus some of your time, and in-game cash, on the best ones, at least to start with. We’ve put together some early picks for the best NBA 2K22 playbooks to use in a variety of situations and will update as the meta changes.

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Best NBA 2K22 playbooks | How to get playbooks in NBA 2K22

The best playbooks come from the in-game auctions, but they’re also quite pricey. You can pick up less expensive books most of the time, but they might have a few issues. For example, less popular playbooks go for a lower asking price, and you always need to make sure the one you buy is the current book. Some of our top play picks aren’t found in older editions of a team’s playbook.

However, it’s also worth experimenting with different books and seeing what suits your style the best. The demand-driven nature of NBA 2K22’s playbook market means the best playbooks tend to see dramatic price increases as more people decide to pick them up.

The other issue is that while these playbooks and specific plays work effectively, other human players will soon pick up on the style and create an equally effective defense. We recommend having a backup plan to avoid getting trounced.

Best NBA 2K22 playbooks | Kings Quick 13

Right now, the Kings playbook is our top pick for Domination matches, specifically the Quick 13 play. As mentioned, you’ll need to use the current edition of the playbook, as this play isn’t in earlier versions.

Quick 13 has the points guard receive the ball, then pass it to the small forward after the forward works their way across the court and on the other side of the hoop.

Some players have found even better success putting the emphasis on the small forward from the beginning. It’s riskier, given the interference they face further down the court, but it also eliminates the chance of failed or interrupted passes.

Naturally, it makes sense to use your best picks for each position when running Quick 13. Unlike some plays, though, you can run this one with any set of players.

Best NBA 2K22 playbooks | Magic and Knicks Quick 2

This book is gaining popularity not just because it works well in matches, but because it makes grinding in offline games so much easier. It’s a simple play where your points guard lobs the ball to the small forward, who’s then usually free to take a clear shot at the hoops. It’s a fast and simple way to complete your challenges, and while the Magic book is the go-to source for it right now, the Knicks playbook contains the same play.

Some prefer the Knicks book for the Fist 21 Delay, which some are calling this year’s Quick Thru STS.

Once you’ve sorted your NBA 2K22 playbook, make sure to give some attention to your dribble moves and best builds. Doing your coach drills helps unlock badges to experiment with on your top players, and you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from thanks to this year’s more lenient unlock requirements.

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