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Roblox Squid Game | How to start and play the Fish Game in Roblox

Putting a Netflix-styled spin on a classic game, the Roblox Squid Game is Red Light, Green Light in a whole new, horrific, way.

You’ve probably seen Flamingo play the Roblox Squid Game on his channel, and if you want to play too – here’s where you need to go.

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How to play the Roblox Squid Game

Squid Game is a new Korean TV show on Netflix where desperate players compete in deadly games for a cash prize.

There are lots of different Squid Game inspired Roblox creations already on the official Roblox site, but one of the most popular ones – which recreates episode one of the show with Red Light, Green Light – is made by slugfo.

You can find the right game page here.

This is the one that Flamingo plays in his videos.

When you enter the lobby, look at the timer over the top of the door in front of you. This is when the next game starts.

Once the timer reaches zero, you’re transported to a dark room where you need to walk forward out into the play area.

When the voice says “green light” you can move forward. But when the voice says “red light” you need to immediately stop moving or you will be eliminated.

How to start the Roblox Fish Game

Another popular Roblox game inspired by Squid Game is the Roblox Fish Game made by GOODJUJU.

You can play that version here.

It’s slightly different, but the same sort of Red Light, Green Light game. This time though, there are on-screen prompts and creepy music.

To start the Fish Game, you need to look at the timer on the far wall which tells you how close the next game is.

Then stand in the middle of the purple circle, and when the timer runs out, you’ll be teleported into the play area.

Again, you need to make your way to the other side of the screen as fast as possible when the voice says “green light”, but stop immediately when “red light” begins.

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