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How to hide headgear in New World and find deluxe edition cosmetic bonuses

Nothing can take you out of an early game like the frustration of not being able to find the deluxe edition bonus items you paid good money for. And likewise, nothing takes the sheen off roleplaying your New World character like being stuck with a silly helmet.

Here’s how to hide headgear in New World as well as how you can wear the Woodsman Set Deluxe edition bonus cosmetic.

Where do you find the Woodsman Set Deluxe edition bonus and other cosmetics in New World?

To find and equip the Woodsman Set in New World, right-click on any piece of chestwear or legwear.

At the bottom of the list that appears, scroll down to the bottom, where it says “Change Skin”.

This brings up a list of all the available cosmetics in New World. Towards the end of the list, you will find the Woodsman’s Coat and leggings, which should be marked with “New” since this is the first time you have equipped them.

You can wear different cosmetic pieces independently of one another in New World, so you will have to go through each piece of armor you’re wearing and change the skin to make the full set.

Alternatively, you could just wear the Woodsman’s Coat and complementary armor – or the leggings go well with a lot of different chest pieces.

To take cosmetics off again, go back to the “Change Skin” menu and at the top there’s an option to remove it and just have the original armor show through.

How do you hide your helmet and other headgear in New World?

By the same token, if you right-click on any helmet or headgear in your inventory, then scroll down to the bottom option – “Change Skin” – there’s an extra option specific to headwear, which lets you hide the armor piece from view.

The “Hide Headgear” option is close to the bottom of the list, below the Woodsman’s Headdress.

This lets you show off your snazzy hairdo to the rest of Aeturnum, and lends a bit more of a personal touch to your character if you prefer to see their face more clearly.

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