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New World server transfer feature in the works as developers work to combat queue times

Amazon Game Studios has said it’s working hard to increase the server capacity to help with the massive influx of New World players. It is also working on a feature to allow server transfers.

In a statement released today, the studio said it while it was its aspiration to welcome massive numbers of players into the game during launch week, it was “frankly surprised” by the amount, which was over one million. And it seems, the number is increasing daily, which is causing long queue times for some players in the more popular game worlds.

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Since the game’s launch on Tuesday, the developers have more than doubled the number of servers, and the team is working to increase the capacity of all available servers to support a higher population cap. The plan is to continue to add as many servers as the team can, and it will continue to do so until wait times are stabilized.

In the meantime, there are options to get in the game quickly if you are a player logging in for the first time. According to the studio, 40% of servers have low or no wait times, so it is encouraging folks to choose one of those servers. The feature to allow server transfers is in the works, so it is suggested you just pick one for the time being as you will be able to make a different choice later. This feature is “at the top” of the developer’s priority list.

The team’s goal is to release this feature next week once it has been thoroughly tested and ready. Prior to its release, detailed information on how the transfer process works will be provided.

On its first day of release the game attracted 572,689 concurrent players on Steam, which landed it in the number two spot. Since then, as noted, the amount of players has increased exponentially, causing massive queue times and lots of frustration. Hopefully, the addition of more servers has and will continue to help matters.

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