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Genshin Impact update 2.2 brings a new location, a new character and more later this month

Genshin Impact is soon to recieve a pretty huge content drop thanks to the launch of version 2.2 and the Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog update, which is due to arrive in the game October 13.

As per a new update over on the PlayStation Blog, developer miHiYo is due to push out an update that introduces the final location in the six major islands of Inazuma, as well as a new playable character called Thoma, and some brand new challenges and mini-games, too.

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It’s a pretty substantial update, then, as studio technical director Zhenzhong Yi explains in a press release:

“Tsurumi Island, the last major island of Inazuma, is finally open to Travelers with Version 2.2. The island is shrouded in dense fog, and players may easily get lost and encounter unprecedented challenges while exploring this area,” says the developer.

“The Rifthounds and the Rifthound Whelps are dangerous stealthy beasts lurking in the fog, waiting to launch a sneak attack. When an attack hits a character, all party members will be affected by the ‘Corrosion’ status and continually lose HP regardless if they’re shielded or not.”

As well as tricky new mechanics like this, players can also look forward to Thoma – “the popular ‘fixer’ who made his debut in the Inazuma storyline” – becoming a new playable character.

“Thoma holds a Pyro Vision and wields a polearm as his weapon. He is also a reliable teammate in combat, providing strong defense and buffs,” the press release notes. “Players may recruit him in the second Event Wish featuring Thoma and Hu Tao after Childe’s return in the first Event Wish. Hangout Events for Thoma and Sayu will also be available with Version 2.2.”

Better yet, if you enjoy playing your action-RPGs on pad, you’ll be pleased to note that update 2.2 adds DualSense controller support for the PC version of Genshin Impact – so if you’re a PC player, it’ll feel just like playing it on PS5 (if you have the right pad, of course).

“In Version 2.1, our team introduced the use of the adaptive triggers for our fishing gameplay,” says the developer. “As you start reeling in your rod, you can feel the tension of the line change when pulling the R2 trigger. We’ve also been applying haptic feedback for some scenarios, items, and characters.”

Version 2.2 will also make Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy avaialble to use on all platforms.

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