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Battlefield 2042 open beta pre-load is live, but a couple of issues have cropped up

Those wanting to participate in the Battlefield 2042 open beta may run into some head scratchers when trying to pre-load it, mainly on the EA Desktop App, PlayStation and Xbox.

Earlier there was an issue with the pre-load on Origin, but it has been addressed by DICE.

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Apparently, players were unable to see the open beta in their library after clicking ‘Try it Now’. Again, this has been fixed, but there are a couple of things to take note of before downloading it on PlayStation or Xbox systems.

Some users are reporting that on PlayStation the open beta is not showing in their region on the PlayStation Store. DICE said in this instance just to sit tight, as it will have it up soon.

On Xbox systems, there are two open betas shown in the store. This is because users are seeing both the Gen 4 (Xbox One), and Gen 5 (Xbox Series X/S). The Gen 4 install will show as approx 9GB, and the Gen 5 install will show as approx 17GB. You just need to make sure you download the version appropriate to your Xbox.

The issue with the EA Desktop App is that it is showing the open beta being unavailable to download.

DICE is looking into this, but in the meantime, you can download it on Origin or Steam so that you have the files ready to go.

So far the team has been able to fix it to where those with an EA Play subscription are now available to pre-load. The team is continuing to work towards having all players who use EA Desktop App being able to pre-load.

But that’s it really, otherwise, most folks are good to go.

Battlefield 2042’s beta kicks off tomorrow, October 6, for those who pre-ordered the game. It starts on Friday, October 8, for everyone else on all platforms. The beta will end on October 9.

Content will include Conquest on the map Orbital, and there will be access to four of the game’s Specialists: Boris, Casper, Falck, and Mackay.

If you plan on participating in the PC version of the beta, or just playing the game in general upon release, you can look over the specs here.

Battlefield 2042 releases on November 19.

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