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Far Cry 6: Where to use Chorizo’s Mysterious Key on Isla Santuario

Dogs are man’s best friend, but some are even friendlier than others. After winning the trust of Chorizo in Far Cry 6‘s western province of Madrugada, he gives you a precious gift: the Mysterious Key.

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The Mysterious Key’s description says: “The words ‘Guau-Guau’ are scratched into the side. I thought I saw that on a beach somewhere on Isla Santuario.”

Here’s where you need to go to make use of Chorizo’s Mysterious Key on Isla Santuario.

Where do you use Chorizo’s Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6?

When Far Cry 6 is such a huge game, it’s easy to forget the names of some of the areas. Isla Santuario is actually the first island you visit in the game, in the southwest of the map.

In the middle of Isla Santuario is another smaller island inside Casas Cove, to the west of Quito Bay: Guau-Guau Island.

Either fast travel to Clara’s original Libertad camp or get an airdrop over a liberated military checkpoint and glide across the water to the secluded scrap of land.

On the southern beach, next to a few fishers, you will find a large and inviting treasure chest.

Unlock the sandy chest and you’ll be the proud owner of one of Far Cry 6’s Unique Weapons, this one with a particularly spicy name – enjoy taking its advice on the tyrannical Castillo.

This is probably one of the first poison weapons you will have come across, making it an even more interesting acquisition.

In the El Este region, there’s another tough Treasure Hunt, A Rising Tide, which we also have a page on.

Or to embark on more adventures with furry friends, here’s where to get all of the Amigos in Far Cry 6.

For the definitive verdict on the game, check out our Far Cry 6 review.

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