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Monster Hunter Rise cross-play and cross-save between PC and Switch not possible, says Capcom

Get sharpening your insect glaive and make yourself a hot drink – it looks like you’re going back to the grind in Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom has announced that it will be “unable to implement” cross-save and cross-play functionality in the PC version of the game when it launches on January 12.

“We’ve heard your requests for cross-save and cross-play for Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion,” a tweet from the official Monster Hunter account said. “But unfortunately, after looking into it throughout the development process, we found we are unable to implement it this time. As always, we appreciate your continued feedback and support.”

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That means if, like many of us, you’ve completed the game and were hoping to import your data – and your awesome-looking hunter, replete in their crafted finery – to the PC version when it launches in January, you’re out of luck. It’s back to the start of the game for you.

Bad news also for anyone hoping to be carried by their hunting horn-tooting pals on Nintendo Switch when they jump in on PC – no cross-play means no teaming up and taking down that hulking Elder Dragon together.

Back at the start of October, we saw Capcom ask players what would make the upcoming PC release of Rise more desirable, prompting many to think the developer was readying a cross-play announcement of some kind. Alas, the one they got was pretty disappointing.

Monster Hunter Rise is out January 12, 2022 on PC. The upcoming Sunbreak expansion will be released in summer 2022 for both PC and Switch and will feature the Elder Dragon Malzeno as its signature beast.

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