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Star Trek Online Halloween Event is Now Live, Update Brings New Ship Overhauls, and More

Star Trek Online‘s very first Halloween event is now live on all platforms with the most recent update. The Fall of the Old Ones will run, separately from any Event content, for three weeks. The event will start with an event, following with changes and opportunities as time passes. The new update also fixes some bugs, and introduces more ship overhauls.

If you complete the challenges in the event, you will be able to unlock an Old One (noncombat) Pet and a Transmuter Wand Universal Kit Module. This item will let you transmute a target into a sentient black cat, an appropriately themed ally that brings some bad luck to your enemies. Using this makes the enemy targeted disable its own allies’ shields and powers. Earn the rewards by playing through the new Task Force Operation, “Cat’s Tale” for 14 days. If you claim it before the event ends, then you’ll be able to do the daily for dilithium ore through event’s end, starting with 8,000 on your first day. You’ll also be able to instantly complete Only Equal and Opposite for Zen if you’d like instead.

The rest of the update features a series of bug fixes, including several bugs preventing tutorial completion, Event Campaign III will now grant all expected progress, and several UI improvements have been added for performance.

The newest ship remasters in this update are the Nova Science Vessel and Rhode Island Science Vessel (Refit), joining the rest of the series of rebuilt and graphically improved ships. The Rhode Island also includes some new customization options, including ship material and new windows.

Fall of the Old Ones will run in Star Trek Online from now through November 3rd, and will shift through the event. You can read the full current update, including the Halloween event, in the official patch notes.

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