Razer Zephyr review: relic of a dark future

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Debuting as ‘Project Hazel’ at the CES trade show earlier this year, Razer’s wearable air purifier and face mask is now a genuine product called the Zephyr that retails for £99. The idea here is to provide a constant supply of air in and out, purified to an N95 standard to help prevent the spread of viruses, while also providing a distinct look complete with RGB lighting. Razer very kindly sent me one of the few units earmarked for the UK press ahead of its full reveal as part of RazerCon 2021, and so I’ve been testing it for the past few days to see whether it really lives up to the hype.

Looking at the Zephyr, the design here is quite similar to dual-filter half masks used for painting or working in similarly noxious environments, with fans on each cheek drawing air through circular filters, before expelling through another filtered grille at the base of the mask. Medical-grade silicone creates a seal around your nose and mouth, while a pair of straps (one adjustable, one not) go around the back of your head to hold the Zephyr in place.

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