Fallen Earth Sees More Players Online At The Same Time This Weekend Than Any Time In The Last Six Years

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Fallen Earth came back late last week in a free-to-play classic server, and to say it’s been popular with the MMORPG community is an understatement. In fact, the CEO of Little Orbit Matthew Scott reveled in the number of players online during Halloween with some player statistics worthy of celebration.

Over the weekend, Scott states (citing SteamCharts data) that Fallen Earth’s Classic server saw more players online on Halloween at the same time than “any time in the last six years[.]”

Fallen Earth was pulled from its live servers in 2019 to focus on the reboot, but its surprise return last month delighted many fans leading up to the holiday weekend. Little Orbit themselves plan to rebuild the game itself as they go, but the free servers have certainly been a hit with fans who wanted to experience the older MMO again without restrictions. Every player has the Commander’s Subscription for free, meaning there aren’t any limitations on XP or crafting to worry about, and players are free to explore the world of Fallen Earth as it existed before it was pulled in 2019.

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